Social Media Management

There are three keys to have successful social media.
1. Clear Strategy
2. Consistent Message
3. Grow the Right Audience

Being on the right channels, with not just a big audience but the right audience, and providing content that is relevant to that audience will help you grow your brand into a successful one.


Social Start up

This package is intended for those who do not have an established social media presence. We will create your social pages and one month of content (3 posts per week) specifically for your business.

Starting at $250

Social boost

This package is for those who already have an established social media presence but are looking for more engagement with their content. We will help you boost your social strategy, your followers, and your content. This is a 3 month plan.

Starting at $500

social takeover

This package is for those who need someone to run their social media for them. We will take your social strategy and implement it to your social media channels, we will help create new content, and we will moderate your channels engagement by responding to comments and posts. This is a 3 month plan.

Starting at $650

Featured Social Manager

If you would like to be a featured social media manager, send links to your social media pages to:

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