Stop Focusing Your Energy on Winning Back Old Customers

You have sold your product or service to a customer, so one of two things will happen next. Ideally, the customer was able to see the value in your product and will think of you again when needed. Alternately, if they were unhappy then they will likely look elsewhere in the future. If your product hasn’t lived up to their expectation then you have probably lost them as a future customer and you should stop focusing your energy on trying to win them back.

When you focus your energy on trying to win back an old customer, you start to devalue your product. You offer discounts to make your product look more enticing. You counter the customers negative feedback with excuses. You lose a lot of valuable time trying to convince someone who has already made up their mind not to use your product again. Instead, you should put that energy into winning new business.

There is nothing wrong with offering discounts for your product, but you should offer it to the right people. Send a loyal customer a deal to thank them for their loyalty. Include a bonus to someone who leaves a review on your social media. This will encourage someone who already likes your product to become a repeat customer and more importantly they will become an advocate for your brand.

Another great way to use your energy for good is to try creative ways to find new customers. Have you tried creating a video highlighting the value of your product? Have you given your website the refresh it desperately needs? Perhaps hiring an artsy photographer to snap a few pictures of your product or your team could portray your company in a whole new light?

To close, I am not suggesting you ignore your old clients or unhappy customers. Collect their feedback and use it as a way to improve your brand, but do not commit too much time to trying to win them back. You know your product better than anyone and you know how it can add value to people’s lives. Focus your energy on finding more people who love your product and try telling them about it in a creative way.

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Creative Minds Working Together

I like to think of Pier 19 Creatives as a room full creative minds bouncing ideas off each other, creating really impressive creative content and loving what they do. However, since we live in a digital age, we’re not all physically sitting in the same room but we are all working together and we all love what we do. That’s the beauty of having all the same Creatives working for you, synchrony. The guy designing your logo works directly with the girl developing your webpage and she is getting photos that were just taken by the product photographer, and so on and so on. It saves time, it’s less stressful, and everything looks consistent.

How It Started

In the beginning, I started on a freelancing website creating videos. Video was really all I knew and a little bit of Photoshop skills but together it was enough to do most projects I found. I was making a couple extra bucks on the side and I was happy.

After finishing a project for a client who was starting to expand their business, I felt there was an opportunity for me to offer more. This client could probably use a website, a logo, some blogs, and maybe someone to manage their social media pages; after all, I knew someone who could do each of those things if I wasn’t able to. I made the offer to the client and they bit! There were two immediate needs: 1, a logo redesign and 2, reworking all of the written content on their website. I reached out to two of my friends, discussed rates, deadlines, etc with them and they got to work. Just like that I was managing two sub-contractors to complete a job for the client. I showed each of them the video I had already created for the client, explained the business philosophy of the client and had them shape something that would be consistent with the already created content. Soon I found myself having weekly calls with the client, checking in on work with my Creatives, sending invoices and writing checks. Things were getting serious.

While all this was going on, I got a call from a client I made a video for the year before. He wanted to do another video but wanted to step up the quality so he could use it on social media, his website, and more. I was confident that my two Creatives were working hard on my other clients work so it allowed me the time to start work on another project. Soon, more and more opportunities like this began to present itself. With each new client needing something different, I began building my list of Creatives who could help me with each project.

Eventually, I had to take a step back and look at the bigger picture; I had something working here. Again, I reached out to a friend to help me take my rapidly growing freelance system and turn it into a business. Thus, Pier 19 Creatives was born, excited and ready to continue growing!